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Tooth Extraction Specialist

Premium Family Dental

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Having a tooth pulled is never anyone’s favorite way to spend a day, but Vu Nguyen, DDS, and Keehong Kwon, DDS, and the team at Premium Family Dental in Alexandria, Virginia, go to great lengths to make tooth extractions as swift and painless as possible. If the need arises to have one or more teeth extracted, feel free to call the office to ask questions or find a time that fits your schedule. Online booking is also an option and can be done from home any time of day or night.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

What are some reasons I would need to have a tooth extracted?

At Premium Family Dental, a conservative approach is always preferred. Practitioners make every effort to treat decay and save teeth whenever possible. That said, there are times when an extraction is the right course of action. 

Some examples of scenarios in which a tooth extraction is performed include:

  • Advanced decay that cannot be repaired
  • Scheduled organ transplant
  • Upcoming chemotherapy
  • To make room for orthodontic treatment
  • Infected tooth

If your wisdom teeth are unable to emerge from your gums without complication, extraction may be the best solution. 

What happens during a tooth extraction?

If you and your dentist determine a tooth extraction is the best course of action, the treatment area will be fully numbed at the beginning of the process. Once there is no sensation in that portion of your mouth, your dentist uses a device called an elevator to loosen the connection between your tooth and bone. 

A gentle back-and-forth rocking motion is sometimes needed to dislodge the tooth. Forceps helps your practitioner grasp the tooth and remove it from the socket. 

In some cases, it’s easier to break the tooth into smaller pieces before removing it. Extracting wisdom teeth requires a more in-depth approach that may include cutting the gum tissue open to gain access to the impacted teeth.

What does the recovery process entail after a tooth extraction?

You’ll receive thorough instructions on how to care for the site of your tooth extraction. It’s essential to follow those instructions to give your body a chance to heal. 

A small blood clot forms shortly after a tooth is removed. This clot serves to protect the socket while healing begins. If you place any form of pressure or suction on this blood clot it can become dislodged, a painful condition known as dry socket.

Try to take a day or two off from work or school to rest. Perform your oral hygiene routine gently as your mouth heals. Don’t eat hard or sharp foods and take over-the-counter painkillers as needed to address discomfort. 

If you or a loved one needs a tooth extraction, call Premium Family Dental to book a visit, or try the easy online scheduling tool.