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Implants & Restorations Specialist

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Implants and restorations are advanced and effective when it comes to restoring your smile and protecting your dental health. At Premium Family Dental in Alexandria, Virginia, highly qualified dentists Vu Nguyen, DDS, and Keehong Kwon, DDS, offer dental implant and restoration options to help you achieve your dream smile. You can choose permanent and natural-looking implants to resolve your dental concerns. To learn more about implants and restorations, call Premium Family Dental or schedule online today.

Implants & Restorations Q & A

What are implants and restorations?

Implants and restorations are specially designed to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile. A dental implant replaces your tooth root. An implant refers to a titanium post that’s attached to an abutment and a dental prosthesis or restoration, such as bridges, dentures, or a crown.

Premium Family Dental partners with an oral surgeon for implant installation. The oral surgeon surgically places the dental implant into your jawbone where it supports and strengthens your jawbone.

Dental implants and restorations are custom-made and come in many sizes and shapes and are effective solutions for a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

What are the advantages of implants and restorations?

Dental implants and restorations are long-lasting and durable and can help preserve your jawbone. Some implants and restorations can last a lifetime if you take proper care of them. 

Other benefits of dental implants and restorations include:

  • Improving your physical appearance and your smile
  • Making flossing and brushing easier
  • Enhancing comfort
  • Making chewing, eating, and speaking easier
  • Preventing future bone loss

Premium Family Dental offers different types of implants, such as single tooth implants and implant-supported bridges and dentures. If you have multiple missing teeth, two or three implants can support a dental bridge.

If you’re tired of your traditional dentures falling out or becoming uncomfortable or loose, you might also be interested in implant-supported dentures.

What happens when I get implants and restorations?

The process of getting dental implants and restorations typically takes around six months to a year.

The first dental visit typically requires local or general anesthesia as a qualified oral surgeon surgically places your dental implants in your jawbone. It typically takes around three to six months for your dental implants and jawbone to successfully fuse together.

After the fusion process, you return to Premium Family Dental where your dentist uses local anesthesia and attaches a dental abutment to your implant. The soft tissues around your abutment usually need to heal for about two weeks before the final phase. Your dentist can place a temporary restoration or prosthesis in the interim, such as a temporary crown.

After your soft tissues have healed, you return to the office and your dentist applies special dental cement to the abutment before securing your customized crown, bridge, or other restoration or prosthesis.

Dental implants and restorations are designed to resolve your dental problems, protect your oral health, and beautify your smile. Call Premium Family Dental or schedule online.